We are a member of...

Deutscher Fachverband High School e.V.

CAMPS International is a member of the “Deutscher Fachverband High School e.V. (DFH). The professional association establishes strict quality directives and the compliance of which is checked by the members in regular quality controls. You can find more information about the DFH on their website www.dfh.org.


The BundesForum Kinder-und Jugendreisen e.V. is the specialist organization for the field of child and youth travel. As a nationwide umbrella organization, the BundesForum develops common quality criteria for child and youth travel. It offers a platform for cross-carrier discussions and innovations. A particular concern is quality assurance. More information on the objectives and work of the Federal Forum at www.bundesforum.de.



CAMPS International is also a member of the "World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation" (WYSETC). More information on the objectives and the work of this globally recognized and renowned federation can be found at www.wysetc.org.