Become a Host Family!

Your child wants to go out and explore the world. A host family abroad opens their doors and offers your child the unique opportunity to experience another country and its people up close and to become a part of the local community. Families decide to accept students from a different culture in order to get to know other customs and cultures and to pass on their own traditions. Through everyday situations and normal family life, host families and exchange students learn to approach each other in new situations.

Experience the exchange of your child from the other side - become a host family and open your heart and your home to an exchange student from the USA, Spain, Mexico, Denmark, Norway or Italy.

Register now to "Become a Host Family!"and a "Highschool" Program to secure a discount of € 500!

  • Interesse an einem kulturellen Austausch.
  • Ihr solltet über 25 Jahre alt sein.
  • Deutsch ist die primär gesprochene Sprache in eurem Haushalt.
  • Ihr bietet dem Gastkind Unterkunft und Verpflegung.
  • Eigene Kinder sind keine Voraussetzung.
  • Während der gesamten Zeit werdet ihr von uns begleitet und tatkräftig unterstützt
  • Wir treffen uns einmal monatlich mit den Gastkindern
  • Integration in das Familienleben und den Alltag
  • Unterstützung beim Einleben in den neuen, deutschen Alltag

Darf die Gastfamilie sich das Gastkind aussuchen?
- Ja! Ihr entscheidet, wem ihr eure Tür öffnet.
Welche Schule wird das Gastkind besuchen?
- Das Gastkind wird auf eine Schule in eurer Nähe gehen (egal, ob Gymnasium, Real- oder Gesamtschule).
Kann das Gastkind schon Deutsch?
- Die Schüler reisen mit grundlegenden Deutschkenntnissen an.

  • Die Gastkinder bleiben zwischen 5 und 10 Monate in Deutschland
  • Alter der Gastkinder: zwischen 14 und 18 Jahre alt
  • Italien
  • Spanien
  • Dänemark
  • Norwegen
  • USA
  • Mexiko

Step by Step

1. Registration

Register without obligation using the following form. We will then find an appointment for a personal interview.

2. Personal Interview

Now we would like to get to know you in a personal interview. We also come to your home. If the interview is successful, we will send you the application documents.

3. Host Family Application
The application is used to get a brief overview of the prospective host family. The application includes, among other things, letters of reference from two friends/acquaintances, a police background check and some questions about your everyday life.

4. Matching
As soon as we have received your complete application, we can start looking for the right guest child. You will ultimately decide who you open your door to.

5. Old meets New

In September, we invite the newly arrived students to our Returnee Meeting, where there is an introductory workshop and the incoming students also have the opportunity to get to know German students who have just returned from abroad.

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Host Family Experiences

"We also decided to become host parents after our son went to the USA with CAMPS International for a school year and was welcomed there by a very nice family. Our son's room was free and we agreed without much thought. Anna came to us from Italy - she stayed with us in Berlin for half a year, went to our son's school and became part of our family. Opening the house and heart to a young person was a great and very enriching experience for all of us! Throughout the entire time we were looked after by CAMPS International in a competent and uncomplicated manner."