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With our holiday camps and language-focused holidays, you not only have a lot of fun and action, but can also learn a language, a new sport and make new friends from all over the world!

With CAMPS International you will have the trip of a lifetime in the following countries:

Good to Know – Holiday Camps

Do you want to spend a holiday abroad and improve your language skills? Then you are in exactly the right place with us.

CAMPS International brought over the traditional American idea of vacation camps to Germany over 36 years ago and has been serving children, teenagers and parents every year since they took the first step into the wider world. For your vacation to be a complete success, we place significant importance on organization and support before, during and after your trip.

So register and look forward to a unique holiday! What are you waiting for? Join us!

General Requirements

You can travel with CAMPS International if you are between 10 and 17 years old. As only English is spoken in our camps, it is naturally advantageous - but not required - to have basic English language. Before your first language course, you will be divided into the appropriate language level according to your prior knowledge. Otherwise, only one thing truly counts in our camps: to have fun!

Our holiday camps are unfortunately not suitable for people with reduced mobility. You are more than welcome to contact us to clarify this in more detail.



For nearly all our holiday camp programs, there are certain entry and visa requirements in the destination countries for participants with German citizenship. This does not apply to holiday camp programs in our neighboring European countries that are part of the European Union.

For our participants with different nationalities, different entry and visa regulations may apply in the destination countries than for German participants.

The visa procedure and regulations are very different from country to country. These are specified by the respective state authorities and compliance is monitored by the immigration authorities. In some countries, students, and in some cases parents, have to go to the embassy of the respective country before a visa is issued while for other countries the visa process is completely online.

In our experience, the entry and visa regulations are subject to constant change. We always try to have the most up-to-date information available to prepare you well for the visa process.

We provide detailed information about the exact conditions for a visa to the country of your choice.

When possible, we are happy to take over the visa process for you. In most cases, however, this is not permitted by the law of the country of entry and the participants are required to apply for the visa themselves.

The authorities of the countries of entry charge visa fees, which are paid directly by the participants themselves. In most cases, payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer. The cost of a visa varies considerably from country to country.

We are always happy to help with the visa process and are available for any questions.

Your Travel Documents

About three weeks before departure, you will receive detailed information from us about your trip. A packing list may make it easier for you to pack your suitcase as well. The enclosed emergency sheet includes the address, telephone number and contact person of the camp as well as directions, if necessary. You will also receive your own CAMPS T-Shirt!

Travel Health Insurance

In most cases travel health insurance is not included in the price, but we highly recommend participants having it. For some holiday camps, the participants have additional health insurance through the camp, but this insurance is not sufficient. For each of our holiday camps, we offer a tailored CareMed insurance package that includes travel health-, accident-, liability- and luggage-insurance, as well as travel assistance.

You can find more detailed information under the full insurance conditions and benefits.


Travel Cancellation Cost Insurance

We also recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance that covers possible cancellation costs. The price for travel cancellation insurance is only 2.5% of the travel price. Here you can see a summary of the travel cancellation insurance.

Your Arrival

Travel to our holiday camps are organized individually. We are happy to provide a non-binding Economy flight offer on request or you may book your own flights. When booking your own flights, please be sure to coordinate your itinerary with us beforehand so we can discuss the respective arrival airports and desired arrival and departure times to ensure student pick-up in their destination country. Unaccompanied-Minor (UM) service is mandatory for all participants under 12 years old. UM service ensures that participants are looked after by airline staff during flights and taken to on-site attendants at the airport.

Participant Support

Our camps take place in cooperation with selected youth tour operators from the respective countries, who, just like us, have high standards for program quality. They have an on-site support team that organizes language courses, leisure activities and sports programs and ensures that you feel completely at ease while you’re there.

When can I go?

All our holiday camps and language trips offer shorter and longer stays and are available for different dates. Stays of two weeks or more are possible in our American and Canadian summer camps. You can also travel to England for up to a week. Some of our camps are not only bookable during the summer vacation, but also during your Easter or autumn breaks. We aim to fulfill all your personal holiday wishes and would be happy to help you during an individual appointment – get in touch with us!

What else does CAMPS offer?

Do you want to go on a holiday camp with us and take your first step abroad without your parents? You will surely have an adventure full of new perspectives and experiences as well as return home with many new friendships and a desire to see more of the world. Perhaps you would then like to take further steps into the world with CAMPS – exciting programs are waiting for you!


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