During your high school exchange, you will live and go to school in and around Cordoba. "The City of Bells", as it is fondly known for its many churches, is the second largest city in the country. The  numerous colonial buildings are particularly impressive and can be explored on a relaxed walk through the city. And if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are many wonderful parks.

Your Hosfamily

Argentinian host families are known for their openness and warmth. They are proud of their country and look forward to showing their foreign students the sights and cultural features of Argentina.

The standard of living for families is usually somewhat lower than ours, but the cultural difference to Europe is not as great as in other Latin American countries. You may share your room with a family member of a similar age. But you won't spend much time there, because the kitchen is usually the central meeting point for the family. Argentinians love to celebrate with the whole family. In addition to immediate family members, a large number of other people such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends and neighbors also belong to the family, so there will always be something going on in your new home.

Your School in Argentina

You will go to a private school in Cordoba for three, five or ten months. Everyday school life begins similarly: All students line up by class and are welcomed by the school management. Afterwards, the national flag is hoisted - an act that you show a lot of respect for!

Since the job-oriented specialization of students usually begins in Argentina in the ninth grade, you will be able to take subjects from various areas such as economics in addition to your fixed schedule, depending on the school's offer.

Orientation Days

The seven-day orientation takes place directly in Córdoba, your new home. The city is considered the metropolis and cultural center of Argentina – what location could be more suitable to prepare you for your time in Argentina?

During your Orientation Days you will stay in a hotel. You can expect workshops about the country and its people as well as exciting excursions, for example a city tour. You will also receive language classes every day to improve your Spanish. You will be sure to find your first new friends in Argentina during your orientation!

Preise & Fakten

Preise Argentinien 2021/2022
3 MonateSchulhalbjahrSchuljahr
€ 5.900,-€ 6.600,- € 7.700,-

 High School Preise 2021/2022 für alle Länder auf einen Blick findet ihr hier.


Included in the Price

  • Non-binding, personal consultation with a CAMPS employee either in office or via Skype
  • Pre-departure workshop for both students and parents before program start
  • Detailed program handbook for both students and parents before program start
  • Visa application support
  • Assistance with flight bookings
  • Airport pick up in Cordoba
  • Orientation in Cordoba
  • Enrollment at a private high school including school fees (Tuition Fee)
  • 60 hours of Spanish courses during the first few weeks in Argentina
  • Accommodation and meals in an individually selected host family
  • Individual care for the student (and parents at home) throughout program duration by our partner organizations and by CAMPS International
  • CAMPS International participation certificate
  • CAMPS International hoodie
  • Multi-day returnee meeting after returning to Germany
  • REISEAUSFALLVERSICHERUNG GEM. § 651K ABS. 3 BGB (travel loss insurance)


Additional Costs

  • Flight to and from (approx. € 1,600,-)
  • Health insurance
  • Pocket money (we recommend approx. € 300,-/month)
  • Visa fees (approx. €200,-)
  • School books, uniforms, etc. (approx. € 500,-)



  • Comprehensive insurance package: travel-, health-, accident-, liability-, luggage-insurance as well as travel assistance (approx. € 50,-/month, billed daily)
  • Travel cancellation insurance (RRV) (3% of the program price)
  • Travel cancellation insurance, including during the program (RRV+) (4% of the program price)
  • Additional travel and excursions (additionally bookable via local partners or external providers)


Program Variations*

3 months, Semester or School Year: Starts in July or February

*Shorter stays are also possible in Argentina - contact us for more details! You may also take part even if you are no longer enrolled in a German school.


Application Deadlines

Start in July: 28. February

Start in February: 30. September