Australia – a continent full of contrasts! Kangaroos, koalas, Ayers Rock and the Great Barrier Reef await you! You can snorkel in crystal clear water, admire beautiful coral reefs and discover unique animals. If you prefer something a little bit faster, you should definitely try surfing!

Australia offers great cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. You can also decide whether you prefer lif ein a big city or a small coastal town. Find out more and get one step closer to your dream!

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Australia School Guide

Not sure which school to go to yet? Simply order our Australia School Guide at home with the "Order Free Catalog" button or download it and find out which school suits you best!

Your Host Family

Become part of an Australian family and immerse yourself in the Australian way of life! You will quickly notice that their friendly and relaxed manner, the warmth and the pronounced sense of independence are contagious.

Australians love their own country, but are still very open to everything new - a trait that makes it easy for every exchange student to get used to it quickly. And because the weather is nice almost every day in the country, activities and leisure activities are usually outdoors. It will probably not be long before you won't want to miss the typical BBQs with friends, neighbors and relatives. Experience it yourself: Australia is a good mood country and the almost eternal sunshine makes every heart full!

Your School in Australia

Australia has a comprehensive school system that goes up to the 12th grade in which all students learn together. The school year, unlike ours, is divided into four terms and starts in January - a summer month in Australia. Australian schools are particularly attractive due to their diverse range of subjects, from which you can choose according to your preferences. Many schools teach, for example, agricultural sciences or marine studies (an exciting combination of snorkeling, boating and studies on life in the coral reef and water quality).

Do you love creative challenges? Then subjects like woodworking, cooking, dance and theater will surely inspire you.

Many schools also have their own pool for all types of water sports or are by the sea and therefore offer you the opportunity to take sailing or surfing lessons.

Sample Schools

We would be happy to find out which school is right for you during a personal consultation.

To give you an insight into the Australian schools, we have listed some example schools here. Follow the links and find your Australian school!


Orientation Days


All travelers to Australia have the opportunity to participate in our orientation in Sydney, the largest Australian city (when starting school in summer / winter). Cross the world-famous Harbor Bridge and enjoy the view over Sydney as well as the unique Sydney Opera House. Your high school days can't start any more exciting then this! At the end of the orientation, we will take you to the airport and say goodbye as you head off to your new home town.

Join our Australian Orientation MADE BY CAMPS in Sydney!


The following is included in the Australian Orientation Package:

  • Round-trip flight in Economy
  • Group flight accompanied by a CAMPS employee
  • 4 day full of action and exciting excursions
  • 3 overnights in a hotel/hostel
  • Preparatory workshop
  • 3 dinners together
  • Local transportation costs (subway, etc.)
  • Assistance and support when checking in for individual flights onward

Participation in our "Made by CAMPS" Orientation is optional and for organizational reasons is only possible in combination with a flight booking in Economy via CAMPS.

The cost of the Australian Orientation Package is € 1,990,-.

Our orientation takes place only with a minimum of 10 students.

Prices and Facts

Prices for Australia 2020/2021
1 Term2 Terms/Semester3 Terms4 Terms/School Year
from € 6,300,-from € 10,000,-from € 14,000,-from € 18,000,-

The prices in our Australia High School program depend on the respective school. That is why we always create an individual program for you.

Stays of 6 weeks or more are possible in Australia. You can also participate if you no longer go to school in Germany.


An overview of 2020/2021 High School prices for all countries can be found here.

Included in the Price

  • Non-binding, personal consultation with a CAMPS employee either in office or via Skype
  • Pre-departure workshop for both students and parents before program start
  • Detailed program handbook for both students and parents before program start
  • Visa application support
  • Assistance with flight bookings
  • Airport pick up in Australia
  • Australian health insurance
  • Enrollment at an Australian public high school including school fees (Tuition Fee)
  • Accommodation and meals in an individually selected host family including Host Family Fee
  • Individual care for the student (and parents at home) throughout program duration by our partner organizations and by CAMPS International
  • CAMPS International participation certificate
  • CAMPS International hoodie
  • Multi-day returnee meeting after returning to Germany
  • REISEAUSFALLVERSICHERUNG GEM. § 651K ABS. 3 BGB (travel loss insurance)

Additional Costs

  • Flight to and from (approx. € 1,700,- to € 2,200,-)
  • Visa fees (approx. AUD$570,-)
  • Pocket money (we recommend approx. € 300,-/month)
  • School books, uniforms, etc. (approx. € 350,-)

Im Preis enthalten

  • unverbindliches, persönliches Beratungs- und Auswahlgespräch mit einem CAMPS Mitarbeiter
  • Vorbereitungsworkshop für Schüler und Eltern
  • ausführliches Programmhandbuch für Schüler und Eltern vor der Abreise
  • Unterstützung bei der Visumsbeantragung
  • Vermittlung und Buchung eines Fluges in Economy
  • Abholung am jeweiligen Flughafen in Australien
  • australische Krankenversicherung
  • Vermittlung und Besuch einer staatlichen Schule inklusive Schulgebühren (Tuition Fee)
  • Einführungsworkshop an der Schule
  • Vermittlung, Unterkunft und Verpflegung in einer individuell ausgesuchten Gastfamilie inklusive Gastfamiliengebühr (Host Family Fee)
  • Betreuung des Schülers (und der Eltern zu Hause) während des Aufenthaltes durch unsere Partner (wie im Angebot benannt) und einen persönlichen Betreuer vor Ort sowie durch CAMPS
  • Teilnahmezertifikat
  • CAMPS International Hoodie und T-Shirt
  • mehrtägiges Returnee Meeting in Deutschland
    GEM. § 651K ABS. 3 BGB

Zusätzliche Kosten

  • Kosten für die An-/Abreise zum Beratungsgespräch und zum Vorbereitungsworkshop
  • Flug (z.Zt. ca. € 1.700,- bis € 2.200,-)
  • Taschengeld (Empfehlung ca. € 300,–/Monat)
  • Visumsgebühren (z.Zt. AUD 620,-)
  • Schulbücher, -uniform etc. (ca. € 350,-)
  • Kosten für einen eventuell notwendigen Corona- bzw. PCR-Test
  • Kosten für die An-/Abreise zum Returnee Meeting


  • Supplementary insurance: accident-, liability-, luggage-insurance as well as assistance (approx. € 25,- billed daily)
  • Comprehensive insurance package: travel-, health-, accident-, liability-, luggage-insurance as well as travel assistance (approx. € 50,-/month, billed daily)
  • Travel cancellation insurance (RRV) (3% of the program price)
  • Travel cancellation insurance, including during the program (RRV+) (4% of the program price)
  • Assistance with transfers abroad via our foreign exchange account
  • Three-day orientation in Sydney, including flight in economy (€ 1,990)*
  • Additional travel and excursions (additionally bookable via local partners or external providers)


Program Variations**

1 to 3 terms, School Year: Starts in July, January or April

Application Deadlines***

  • Start in July: 31. May
  • Start in January: 15. October
  • Start in April: 15. January

*Our orientation is only offered for departure in January (winter) and July (summer) and a minimum of 10 students is needed for it to take place

**Shorter stays are also possible in Australia - contact us for more details!

***Late applications may be possible if there are places available


  • Zusatzversicherung: Unfall-, Haftpflicht-, Reisegepäck-, Rückreisenotfallversicherung (ca. € 25,- / Monat - Tagesgenaue Abrechnung)
  • Umfangreiches Versicherungspaket: Reisekrankenversicherung, Unfall-, Haftpflicht-, Reisegepäck-, Rückreisenotfallversicherung (ca. € 50,- / Monat
    - Tagesgenaue Abrechnung)
  • Reiserücktrittskostenversicherung (3% vom Programmpreis)
  • Reiserücktrittskostenversicherung inkl. Reiseabbruchversicherung (4% vom Programmpreis)
  • dreitägige Orientation in Sydney inkl. Flug in Economy (€ 2.100,-)*
  • Reisen und Ausflüge (zusätzlich buchbar über Partner vor Ort oder externe Anbieter)



1 bis 3 Terms, Schuljahr: Start im Juli, Januar oder April



Start im Juli 2021: 15. Mai 2021

Start im Januar 2022: 15. Oktober 2021

Start im April 2022: 15. Januar 2022

* Unsere Orientation wird nur für die Ausreise im Januar (Winter) und Juli (Sommer) angeboten und findet ab einer Teilnehmerzahl von 10 Schülern statt.

** In Australien sind auch kürzere Aufenthalte möglich, sprecht uns an!

** Spätere Bewerbungseingänge sind eventuell möglich, soweit Plätze vorhanden sind.