Characterized by British, American and French influences as well as the breathtaking nature and bustling cities, Canada is one of the most exciting and beautiful countries in the world as well as the dream destination for many young people.

The second largest country in the world is hard to put into words because it’s landscapes, sights and cultures are so varied and diverse.

Make Canada Your Canada!


CAMPS International has been specialized in Canada for many years.

Canada is a Choice Program

Canada is part of our choice programs. In this program, you first select a region and then a school district.

You can make the choice if you would rather live in a big city or in the countryside, in the French-speaking east coast of Canada, in the incredible prairie or at the foot of the Canadian Rockies in the English-speaking west of the country. We would be happy to assist you with making your choice in a personal, non-binding consultation.

In Canada, we work directly with the school districts. The school districts determine the fees for all their schools, and they are also responsible for exchange programs at their schools.

The prices between different school districts can widely vary, as do host family fees. Vancouver, one of the biggest cities, is for example more expensive than Nanaimo School District located on Vancouver Island. We include the school fee (Tuition Fee) and the host family fee (Homestay Fee) in our individual price offer for you.


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