In Canada, you can choose where you want to live and go to school. Are you more interested in the English or French-speaking part of the country? Would you like to get to know life in the big city or in a small town in Canada? Do winter sports come first for you or are you more looking forward to cultural diversity?

Canada has something for everyone - with us you can choose between schools in seven provinces of the country:

Attending a private school is also possible by request. We would be happy to help you find the right school in Canada.

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Canada School Guide

You're still not sure which school district you should go to? Order our Canada School Guide with the "Free Catalog Request" button, or download the catalog and find out which school is the best fit for you!

Host Family

After a warmhearted welcome on arrival, you will quickly get used to your new family and surroundings. Canadians are very proud of their country and they are happy to show you why. Family outings are very typical on the weekends. In the summer, activities like fishing, sailing and hiking are popular and, in the winter, Canadians are drawn to the slopes to ski and snowboard. Of course, ice hockey on the frozen lakes are also very typical!

Your School in Canada

Canadian schools are known as some of the best in the world. English is the main language of instruction, except for Québec where lessons are in French. At some schools you could have opportunity to take part in the French Immersion Program, in addition to the English-language classes, with some subjects offered in French.

Some of the many subjects offered include:

  • Humanities
  • Science
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Information Technology
  • Photography
  • Woodworking
  • Architecture
  • Cooking

School usually ends in Canada around three in the afternoon. After school is when the "extracurricular activities" begin, with choices between different sports, clubs, and artistic activities.

Canadians love their nature and any activities outdoors. Whether its lacrosse or curling, elk or ice fishing - try out some completely new and foreign during your exchange in Canada. It's also possible to find a French-speaking host family for you as part of our French Immersion Program.

Orientation Days


Together with other exchange students as well as a CAMPS International staff member, you can set off on your great adventure and discover Canada's largest city - Toronto!

Orientation Days includes a visit to the CN Tower, where you will have a magnificent view of Toronto. You will also have the chance to attend a typical Canadian sporting events (for programs starting in winter) or feel the drops of Niagara Falls up close (for programs starting in summer).

Get to know other young people who, like you, have the most exciting months of their life ahead of them! At the end of our Orientation Days, we will take you to the airport. From there you will take off towards your new Canadian hometown.

Be a part of our Canada Orientation MADE BY CAMPS in Toronto!

The Orientation price includes the following:

  • A CAMPS staff member who will accompany the group flight
  • 4 full day of action and exciting excursions
  • 3 nights in a hotel/hostel
  • Preparation workshop
  • Trips to Toronto and surrounding region
  • 3 dinners together
  • Transportation costs (subway, etc.)
  • Help and support when checking in for any individual flights to guest families

Participation in our "Made by CAMPS" Orientation is optional. The costs including an economy class flight for programs beginning in August and January are € 1,790,- for the west coast and € 1,590,- for the east coast.

Our Orientation takes place with a minimum of 10 participants.

Preise & Fakten

 3 MonateSchulhalbjahrSchuljahr
Vancouver Islandab € 7.300,-ab € 10.900,-ab € 18.350,-
Vancouver Regionab € 7.700,-ab € 10.850,-ab € 18.150,-
Whistler/ab € 12.950,-ab € 22.400,-
Kamloopsab € 7.950,-ab € 10.850,-ab € 17.700,-
Okanaganab € 8.300,-ab € 10.550,-ab € 17.900,-
Kootenayab € 8.150,-ab € 11.150,-ab € 18.650,-
Rocky Mountainsab € 8.550,-ab € 12.050,-ab € 20.050,-
Peace River Northab € 7.050,-ab € 10.300,-ab € 17.050,-
Nechako Lakesab € 7.450,-ab € 10.550,-ab € 18.200,-


 3 MonateSchulhalbjahrSchuljahr
Albertaab € 9.550,-ab € 10.300,-ab € 17.150,-


 3 MonateSchulhalbjahrSchuljahr
Manitobaab € 6.900,-ab € 9.350,-ab € 15.550,-


 3 MonateSchulhalbjahrSchuljahr
Ontario/ab € 10.250,-ab € 16.900,-


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 3 MonateSchulhalbjahrSchuljahr
Montrèalab € 7.700,-ab € 10.700,-ab € 17.400,-


 3 MonateSchulhalbjahrSchuljahr
Newfoundland/ab € 9.000,-ab € 14.600,-


 3 MonateSchulhalbjahrSchuljahr
New Brunswickab € 7.100,-ab € 9.350,-ab € 15.250,-


Preise Kanada 2022/2023
3 MonateSchulhalbjahrSchuljahr
ab € 7.300,-ab € 9.600,-ab € 15.700,-

Die Preise in unserem Kanada High School Programm sind abhängig vom jeweiligen Schuldistrikt und dem Tageskurs. Darum erstellen wir dir immer ein individuelles Programmangebot.


Im Preis enthalten

  • unverbindliches, persönliches Beratungs- und Auswahlgespräch mit einem CAMPS Mitarbeiter
  • Vorbereitungsworkshop für Schüler und Eltern
  • ausführliches Programmhandbuch für Schüler und Eltern vor der Abreise
  • Unterstützung bei der Visumsbeantragung
  • Vermittlung und Buchung eines Fluges in Economy
  • Abholung am jeweiligen Flughafen in Kanada
  • kanadische Krankenversicherung
  • Vermittlung einer staatlichen Schule inklusive Schulgebühren (Tuition Fee)
  • Vermittlung, Unterkunft und Verpflegung in einer individuell ausgesuchten Gastfamilie inklusive Gastfamiliengebühr (Host Family Fee)
  • Betreuung des Schülers (und der Eltern zu Hause) während des Aufenthaltes durch unsere Partner (wie im Angebot benannt) und einen persönlichen Betreuer vor Ort sowie durch CAMPS
  • Teilnahmezertifikat
  • CAMPS International Hoodie und T-shirt
  • mehrtägiges Returnee Meeting in Deutschland
    GEM. § 651K ABS. 3 BGB


Zusätzliche Kosten

  • Kosten für die An-/Abreise zum Beratungsgespräch und zum Vorbereitungsworkshop
  • Flug (z. Zt. ca. € 1.500,–)
  • Taschengeld (Empfehlung ca. € 300,–/Monat)
  • Visumsgebühren (z.Zt. ca. € 155,-)
  • Kosten für einen eventuell notwendigen Corona- bzw. PCR-Test
  • Kosten für die An-/Abreise zum Returnee Meeting

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    • CareMed Premium Versicherungspaket: Krankenversicherung, Unfall-, Haftpflicht-, Reisegepäckversicherung, Reise Assistance (ca. €72,- / Monat - Tagesgenaue Abrechnung)
    • Zusatzversicherung: Unfall-, Haftpflicht-, Reisegepäckversicherung, Reise Assistance (ca. € 25,- / Monat - Tagesgenaue Abrechnung)
    • Reiserücktrittskostenversicherung (3% vom Programmpreis)
    • Reiserücktrittskostenversicherung inkl. Reiseabbruchversicherung (4% vom Programmpreis)
    • viertägige Orientation in Toronto inkl. Flug in Economy bei Start im August oder Januar (€ 1.800,-)
    • Reisen und Ausflüge (zusätzlich buchbar über Partner vor Ort oder externe Anbieter)


    Halbjahr: Start im Januar oder September

    Schuljahr: Start im September

    * In einigen Schulbezirken sind auch dreimonatige Aufenthalte möglich.



    Start im September: 15. Mai

    Start im Januar: 30. November

    ** Spätere Bewerbungseingänge sind eventuell möglich, soweit Plätze vorhanden sind.