British Columbia

British Columbia is probably Canada's best-known province. Its name comes from the Columbia River, which rises northwest of the dazzling, international metropolis of Vancouver. Despite its high profile, Vancouver is not actually the capital of British Colombia. Victoria, a much smaller but by no means uninteresting city on Vancouver Island is British Colombia's capital.

British Columbia is located on the Pacific Ocean and borders the US states of Alaska and Washington. Different mountain ranges run through this part of Canada - the Coast Mountains in the west and parts of the Rocky Mountains to the east.

British Columbia has so much to offer – for both nature lovers and city fans: mountains, snow, lakes, cities, shopping, sports, rivers, prairies, ocean, forests and much more!

In British Columbia you can choose between the following regions:

Vancouver Island

Vancouver & Surrounding Area

Whistler/ Kamloops

Okanagan/ Kootenay Lake

Rocky Mountains