Rocky Mountains


The Revelstoke School District is a very small district with only one high school. The location of Revelstoke is quite impressive, right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. No wonder everyone here is in the mountains! In winter with skis and snowboards and in summer with mountain bikes, even on foot with hiking boots. In the area there are two national parks that invite you to explore. Revelstoke is absolutely the place for nature lovers.

Rocky Mountain

The Rocky Mountain School District is, as the name suggests, right in the middle of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The district includes four high schools in the following locations: Golden, Invermere, Fernie and Kimberley. In this part of the Rocky Mountains, the hearts of nature enthusiasts, athletes and active people beat higher. In winter they have the best powdery snow for skiing and in summer the most popular activities include swimming, mountain biking, climbing, hiking and horseback riding.