In our England high school program, you can be placed in different counties in England and Wales. In order for you to experience England as authentically as possible, we tend to place our students in smaller towns. Please understand that your placement also depends on your age, your chosen length of stay and the availability of host families! Nevertheless, we and our English partners try to fulfill your wishes as best as possible.

One of the following regions could be your future home:

  • Lancashire
  • Devonshire
  • Isle of Wight
  • Dorset
  • Sussex
  • Avon
  • Gloucestershire
  • Kent
  • Cornwall
  • Essex
  • Wiltshire


Your Host Family

“It’s teatime my dear”- you are probably going to hear this phrase a lot if you are part of an English family. In England, it is a well-known tradition to have a cup of tea and biscuits altogether around 4 p.m. in the afternoon. This is certainly just one of the many cultural traditions, that you will get to know very quickly while you stay in your new town.

Your host family can’t wait to show you their country and their culture. This way you are going to learn the “British English” very quickly and easily.

Your School in England

During your high school exchange in England you will attend a public school. The good reputation of the British school system and the desire to learn British English or to get a degree here attract young people from all over the world to England.

Classes at English high schools usually take place daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Afterwards, numerous extracurricular activities await you, such as Cricket, theater, music, chess, choir, painting, or photography.

The school year consists of trimesters, so you have the option to spend one term, one semester, two terms or an entire school year here.

Orientation Days


Attention travelers to England: London is waiting for you! All England High School students can experience the first days of their exchange with us in London! You can start your great adventure together with other exchange students and a CAMPS employee. Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and the London Eye should not be missed on our sightseeing trip through the capital of England and the home of the Queen. We will enjoy a real English breakfast and immerse ourselves in the culture of the British! What are you waiting for?

Look forward to three eventful days and be part of our England Orientation MADE BY CAMPS in London!


The following services are included in the orientation price:

  • Group flight in economy accompanied by a CAMPS staff member to Ireland
  • Individual return flight at the end of your stay
  • 3 full days of action and exciting excursions
  • 2 overnights at Richmond University
  • Preparatory workshop
  • Walking tour of London’s most famous site
  • Hop-on hop-off tour of central London
  • Shopping on Oxford Street
  • Relax in Hyde Park
  • Musical/theater
  • Tour of London Dungeon Horror Cabinet
  • Visit to Hampton Court Palace
  • Local transportation costs (subway, etc.)
  • Transfer to airport/train station for onward travel to host family


Participation in our “Made by CAMPS” orientation is optional.

The orientation costs € 690 and takes place with a minimum of 10 participants.

Prices & Facts

Intermediate (M) up to 16 years; Upper school (O) from 16 years

Prices for England 2020/2021 (Programs starting in September)
1 TermSemester2 TermsSchool Year
(M) € 6,800,-(M) € 8,200,-(M) € 9,200,-(M) € 12,200,-
(O) € 8,300,-(O) € 9,600,-(O) € 10,700,-(O) € 12,200,-
Prices for England 2020/2021 (Programs starting in January)
1 TermSemester  
(M) € 6,400,-(M) € 9,300,-  
(O) € 7,800,-(O) € 10,700,-  
Prices for Scottland 2019/2020
School Year
(M) € 11,700,-
(O) € 11,700,-

Prices for private schools and the international degree IB (International Baccalaureate) available upon request.

An overview of 2020/2021 High School prices for all countries can be found here.


Included in the Price

  • Non-binding, personal consultation with a CAMPS employee either in office or via Skype
  • Pre-departure workshop for both students and parents before program start
  • Detailed program handbook for both students and parents before program start
  • Assistance with flight bookings
  • Airport pick up from respective airport/train station in the UK
  • Enrollment at a public high school
  • Accommodation and meals in an individually selected host family
  • Individual care for the student (and parents at home) throughout program duration by our partner organizations and by CAMPS International
  • CAMPS International participation certificate
  • CAMPS International hoodie
  • Multi-day returnee meeting after returning to Germany
  • REISEAUSFALLVERSICHERUNG GEM. § 651K ABS. 3 BGB (travel loss insurance)

Additional Costs

  • Flight to and from (approx. € 200-400,-)
  • Health insurance (partially covered by the European Health Insurance Card, please inquire your own health insurance provider!)
  • Pocket money (we recommend approx. € 300,-/month)
  • School-associated costs, i.e. books, lunch, etc. (approx. € 500,-)
  • School bus, when applicable (approx. € 200,-/month)
  • Accommodation during Christmas and Easter holidays when necessary, subject to availability (€ 550,-) or costs for the journey home during the holidays


  • Regional selection (€ 500,-)
  • School selection (€ 950,-)
  • Comprehensive insurance package: travel-, health-, accident-, liability-, luggage-insurance as well as travel assistance (approx. € 50,-/month, billed daily)
  • Travel cancellation insurance (RRV) (3% of the program price)
  • Travel cancellation insurance, including during the program (RRV+) (4% of the program price)
  • 3 day orientation in London, including flight in economy when starting in August/September (€ 690,-)

Program Variations

4-7 weeks available upon request

1-2 terms: Starts in September or January

Semester, School Year: Starts in September


Application Deadlines*

  • Start in September: 15. May
  • Start in January: 15. October

*Late applications may be accepted as long as there are places available.