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Karolin - Ein Schuljahr in Neuseeland

My Year in NZ


My year at Kaiapoi in New Zealand

had more good points than fingers on my hand:

I found heaps of friends

And we hung out on the weekends.


I improved my English skills

And I didn’t even need to go over big study-hills.

I even got better marks than many kiwis

Sometimes I just laugh and give them silent hehes.


I climbed some small and big hills

Outdoor ed. taught me great skills.

We learnt how to survive in the wild

Even though New Zealand is pretty mild.


Drama as a subject was really cool

It really made me enjoy school.

We always wanted to play games,

It was the first class where I knew all names.


Mathematics and Science weren’t hard

In science not sleeping was the hardest part

Sometimes I got best in class

And I never just got a pass.


Painting was part of art

But photography was also a big part

Handball is my favorite sport

And it became the theme of my board


I also loved Youth Group

Eastercamp was great woop woop

One Sunday afternoon we were sitting

And we all learned knitting


I had three different homes over here

When I changed there was more than one tear

I was happy in every place

In any given time and space


I’ve done heaps of things after school

And all of them were really cool.

For example I played volleyball,

Even though I am not very tall.


The nature of New Zealand is great

I can’t think of anything I hate

I loved doing outdoor activities

And I drank lots of L&P’s.


I got to know many of you

And I hope you enjoyed meeting me too.

Most of You were a great help in the beginning

And our friendship was better than winning.


I would like to stay in touch with you

And I hope you want that too.

You could write a letter

Or emails are even better.


One day I would like to come again

If you come to Germany, tell me when!

Thank you for the great year

I really enjoyed it here.