You can spend your high school exchange in the capital city of Dublin, the picturesque harbor towns of Cork or Galway, in the rural art region of County Kerry or in rural County Offaly, which is just a short drive from Dublin.
Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is also the largest city on the green island with just over half a million inhabitants. This metropolis has a lot to offer. Historic buildings, beautiful parks and gardens, cozy pubs with typical Irish lunches, warm people and of course a large selection of high-quality schools await you here.
County Kerry is paradise. The region lies on the Ring of Kerry, Ireland's most famous panoramic coast road, which is particularly popular with tourists in summer. From here you have a wonderful view of the breathtaking coast. Golfing, fishing, hiking or adventurous bike tours become part of your life here. 

Cork is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland after Dublin and is undoubtedly one of the trendiest cities on the island. Even named European Capital of Culture in 2005, Cork leaves an impression with its unique flair, elegance and diverse cultural offering.

Your Host Family

Hospitality and coziness - that's what awaits you in your Irish host family. The open, humorous and talkative islanders will make it easy for you to settle into your new home. Many of the Irish live in a small townhouse with several bedrooms. You may have to share your room with a host sister or a host brother.

In your free time, you can take part in sporting events with your host family or friends or explore other cities. You may even learn a few words of Irish. The language belongs to the Gaelic or Celtic languages and is hardly spoken in everyday life. However, town signs in Ireland are bilingual and Irish is still the official language along with English. Your classmates also learn Irish at school. But don’t worry, you will get along well with English everywhere on the island.

Your School in Ireland

Ireland is known beyond its borders for a high level of education and school. You will go to a secondary school, which is comparable to a German high school or comprehensive school with a high school branch. In addition to a wide range of academic subjects, the schools offer many subjects in the field of sports, theater and music. Rugby, hurling and Gaelic football are particularly popular. Try one of these sports too!

In Ireland there are both mixed and so-called "single sex schools", i.e. separate girls' and boys' schools. No matter what you choose, you will definitely wear school uniforms during your school days in Ireland.

The Irish school year is divided into three terms, so you can choose between a term, a semester, two terms and a school year for the program length of your high school stay.

Orientation Days


Look out Ireland students! Your orientation including workshop will take place in Dublin (when school starts in summer). In the largest and capital city of Ireland we will explore, among other things, the trendy district of Temple Bar, enjoy a typical Irish dinner and enjoy live music, dance and stories, and much more! What are you waiting for?

Look forward to three eventful days and be part of our Ireland Orientation MADE BY CAMPS in Dublin!

The following services are included in the orientation price:

  • Group flight in economy accompanied by a CAMPS staff member to Ireland
  • Individual return flight at the end of your stay
  • 3 full days of action and exciting excursions
  • 2 overnights in a hostel
  • Preparatory workshop
  • Local transportation costs (subway, etc.)
  • Accompanied journey onward to Cork or County Kerry


Participation in our “Made by CAMPS” orientation is optional.

The orientation costs € 750 and takes place with a minimum of 10 participants.

Preise & Fakten

Preise Irland 2021/2022
1 TermSchulhalbjahr2 Terms Schuljahr
ca. 2,5 - 3,5 Monateca. 5 Monateca. 5 - 7,5 Monateca. 10 Monate
ab € 6.400,-ab € 7.900,-ab € 7.900,-ab € 10.800,-


High School Preise 2021/2022 für alle Länder auf einen Blick findet ihr hier.

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Included in the price

    • Non-binding, personal consultation and selection interview with a CAMPS employee
    • Preparation workshop for students and parents
    • Detailed program manual for students and parents before departure
    • Arranging and booking a flight in Economy
    • Pick-up from the respective airport / bus or train station in Ireland
    • Visit to a state school
    • Accommodation and meals in an individually selected host family
    • Supervision of the student (and the parents at home) during the stay by our partners and a personal supervisor on site, as well as by CAMPS Hamburg certificate of participation
    • CAMPS International Hoodie multi-day Returnee Meeting in Germany
      GEM. § 651K ABS. 3 BGB

    Additional Costs

    Arrival (flight currently approx. € 200, - to 400, -)

    Health insurance: partially covered by the European Health Insurance Card, please inform your own health insurance!

    Pocket money (recommendation about € 300, - / month)

    School books, uniform etc. (Dublin: approx. € 400, -, all other regions: approx. € 50, -) if necessary school bus (about € 100, - / month)

    Accommodation during the Christmas / Easter holidays, subject to availability (€ 350, -); alternatively: costs for the journey home


    • Comprehensive insurance package: travel-, health-, accident-, liability-, luggage-insurance as well as travel assistance (approx. € 50,-/month, billed daily)
    • Travel cancellation insurance (RRV) (3% of the program price)
    • Travel cancellation insurance, including during the program (RRV+) (4% of the program price)
    • Transition Year costs when applicable
    • 3 day orientation in Dublin, including flight in economy when starting in August/September (€ 590,-)
    • Additional travel and excursions (additionally bookable via local partners or external providers)


    Program Variations

    1 Term, 2 Terms: Starts in August/September or January

    Semester, School Year: Starts in August/September


    Application Deadlines*

    Programs starting in August/September: 15. June

    Programs starting in January: 30. November

    *Late applications may be accepted as long as there are places available.