New Zealand

The Maoris call Aotearoa - the land of the white cloud - their home.

New Zealand is often referred to as a green island. The contrasting and untouched nature will inspire you - especially if you love outdoor sports.

And if you are looking for an adventure, you are at the right place here at the other end of the world.

Bungee jumping, glacier climbing, white water skiing or lying on the beach with penguins: everything is possible in New Zealand.

The land of kiwis will delight you as much as we do. We have been a recognized New Zealand specialist for many years.

New Zealand is a Choice Program

Our high school program in New Zealand is one of our choice programs. In New Zealand, you can choose your school directly.

You can decide whether you prefer to live on the North Island or rather on the South Island, in the city or rather more rural.

We would be happy to assist you in choosing a school district in a personal, non-binding consultation. We offer all schools in New Zealand that are state certified to accept international students.

In New Zealand we work directly with the individual schools. The individual schools charge their own school fees for foreign students and are responsible for the program. The prices between the individual schools vary greatly, as do the costs for the host family. The city of Auckland is, for example, more expensive than a school near Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty.

The school fee (Tuition Fee) and the fee for the host families (Homestay Fee) are part of our individual price offer for you.


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