Experience your High School Exchange with CAMPS

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Are you curious to see the world and want to trade in your comfort zone for new experiences, adventures, and challenges for a up to one year abroad? With CAMPS International, you can experience high school in 14 different countries across 5 different continents … discover the possibilities!

Good to Know - High School

Do you want to experience an adventure at a high school abroad?

We at CAMPS International would love to give you advice! We offer a personal interview where you will be able to ask all of your questions to one of our staff members. Before our interview, we advise reading over the different programs we offer and their requirements, as well as to have an idea about what your expectations and wishes are.

General Requirements

There are a few general requirements that every student needs to meet in order to participate in our high school programs:


    • You should be between 14 and 18 years old
    • The USA Classic program is available to teenagers who are at least 15 years old by the program start date.


    • At the time of departure, you will still need to be an enrolled student in Germany, meaning that you haven't yet finished your high school career.
    • You should display an eagerness and sucess in school during the past few years.


    • Depending on your destination for your time abroad, the local language will either be English, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish or Norwegian. Please note that there won't be a German-speaking contact person in your destination country.
    • Basic local language knowledge can naturally be helpful, but it is not required.


    • You will need to be in good mental and physical health.
    • In order for us to advise and assist you in the best way possible, please inform us about any of your allergies or other medical issues.
    • Your immunization record should be updated according to the latest WHO guidelines.
    • For our USA program, a tuberculosis test is required.
    • Our high school programs are not suitable for teenagers with restricted mobility. Feel free to contact regarding this matter to further discuss this with us.


    • You should be very certain and serious about your decision to go abroad for a longer period of time.
    • Tolerance, flexibility, curiosity, motivation, and open-mindedness are important personal qualities.
    • Being true to yourself is essential.


    For almost all our high school programs, there are certain entry and visa requirements for German participants. Exceptions to this are our exchange programs with our neighboring European countries that are part of the European Union.

    For our participants with other nationalities, different entry and visa regulations may apply than for participants of German nationality.

    The visa process and regulations differ from country to country. The respective government and immigration authorities specify and monitor these regulations. For some countries, students, and sometimes their parents, must go to their destination country’s embassy before being issued a visa. For other countries, the visa process is completely online.

    In our experience, the entry and visa regulations are subject to constant change. We always try to have the most up-to-date information available in order to be well prepared for the visa process.

    During our personal consultation, we provide specific, detailed information about the exact visa conditions of your desired country.

    When possible, we are happy to take over the entire visa process for you. In most cases, however, this is not permitted by the law of your destination country and therefore participants are required to apply for the visa themselves.

    The issuing country authorities charge visa fees, which the participants then pay directly to the respective country. In most cases, payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer. Visa costs vary considerably from country to country.

    Of course, we will assist you through the visa process and are always available for questions!

    Choosing Your Program

    Our high school programs in the USA (Select & Private), Canada, New Zealand and Australia generally have a tuition fee and the host families receive financial assistance (Homestay Fee) for taking in a student in their home. However, these countries offer a wide range of choices regarding the regions, the school districts, the individual schools and the classes the students can take. For us, it is important to support you in the process of choosing the school district and the right school for you.  

    This means: it’s your CHOICE!

    The prices in each region, school district, and school differ from each other. Our individual contract offer will already include any school and host family fees.

    International High School Diploma

    Do you want to graduate and receive a high school diploma in your country or start an international baccalaureate to finish it when you return to Germany? It's possible with our programs in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, England and Ireland! We would like to give you all the information you need about the requirements, costs and advantages during our personal interview or in advance via phone or e-mail.


    Your Arrival

    An Economy Class flight is already included in the program costs for all our USA High School Programs. However, for all other destinations a flight needs to be booked seperately. We can book the flight for you and add the costs to your program invoice. It’s also possible for you to book the flight yourself, but please be aware it is very important that you coordinate the dates and flight times with us to we can ensure that you will be picked up in your destination country! In case you do decide to participate in one of our CAMPS orientations, you cannot book your own flight.


    Your Insurance

    For each of our high school programs, you can book an optional travel rescission insurance as well as the health insurance package “CareMed Premium”. For our USA and South Africa high school programs, CareMed Premium is already included. We will advise you and your parents about everything regarding the topic of insurance beforehand, during our personal interview and once more in detail during our pre-departure workshop.

    Travel Cancellation Insurance

    GEM. § 651K ABS. 3 BGB


    Since CAMPS International is a German-based tour operator, you will receive a "security certificate" from us before your departure. This guarantees that any payments made to CAMPS International are secured. Exceptions include payments that you may make yourself directly to an institution abroad (i.e. school and host family fees to Canada, Australia or New Zealand).

    We Will Help You with Every Step

    We want your high school exchange to be a complete success! To make this happen, we pay special attention to planning and organization before, during, and after your stay, as well as providing indiviiual support to our participants. The CAMPS International Team supports both you and your parents, and you will also be taken care of in your destination country. Completing our noncommittal application, which is free of charge, is the first step towards your High School adventure. Keep reading to find out what the next steps will be!


     1. Application

    You're thinking about going abroad with CAMPS International? Go ahead and send us your application! You can easily apply online through our website. The application is without commitment and free of charge!


    2. Personal Interview

    By looking at your application we get a first impression of you – now we would like to meet you and your parents! Having personal contact is very important to us, that’s why all interviews are done by a CAMPS employee. The interview may take up to two hours, so make sure that you have enough time.

    We do not hold group interviews - all meetings will take place with just you and your parents. During the meeting, we will do our best to find the most suitable program for you and, of course, this interview is without commitment and also free of charge.


     3. Consultation with your German School

    During the planning of your exchange, it is important for you to talk to the principal of your school and discuss what period of time you will be absent from school. You should also talk to them to find out if your time abroad will be accredited by your school in Germany and if you can return to your grade once you get back.


    4. Application to our Partner Organization

    If you have decided to go abroad with CAMPS International and participate in one of our High School programs, we will send you the detailed application forms that you are required to fill out and send back to us. After one of our team members has checked them thoroughly, we will send them to our partner in your destination country.


    5. Visa Process

    For most of our program destinations, you will need a valid passport and a visa. We will send you the required documents to fill out by mail, so that you can apply for a visa. For our participants who are not German citizens, visa application requirements may differ.


    6. Placement

    As soon as we get your host family placement from our partner organization, we will reach out to you about the exciting news! You will definitively receive your placement before your departure.


    7. Workshop in Germany

    In order for you to be perfectly prepared for your exchange, we will invite you and your parents to a one-day preparation workshop. Here you can ask the CAMPS International team all the questions you may have and get to know some of the other high school participants.

    The goal of the workshop is to answer any remaining questions concerning host families, everyday school life, and also organizational topics such as flights, insurance and visas. Especially helpful as well as informative are our former CAMPS International students that share interesting stories about their own experiences as exchange students.


    8. Orientation Days in your Destination Country

    In all of our programs, you have the option of participating in our in-country orientation. Your flight will be booked in economy class and the size of the group varies from 10 to 100 participants, depending on your program.


    9. Your Time Abroad

    Now you can finally start making memories abroad! We're always happy if you send us photos and videos of your time abroad. But most importantly: Enjoy your time!


    10. Returnee Meeting

    After you return from your high school adventure, we will invite you to our returnee meeting where our program participants from all countries gather. We're looking forward to hearing about all of your experiences!

    Your Host Family

    Welcome to your second home!

    During your time abroad you are going to live with a host family, which comes in all shapes and sizes. The host family plays a very important role because they offer you a place to stay and they accept you as one of their family members. You will share so many moments and experiences together, and they will help you getting used to your new home. You will build relationships with the family members and adjust to their traditions and every day life. You will get to know all about holidays, such as Thanksgiving in the USA or St. Patricks Day in Ireland. You will also have the opportunity to share your own traditions from home with your host family,

    Be curious and try out new things - you will be amazed how much our world has to offer!

    Your School

    You want to know more about the school in your host country? You can find a short overview about the specifics of the school system in your host country right here! Have fun reading through it and if you would like to receive more detailed information about the school systems, just make an appointment with us for a non-binding and personal interview. 


    USA – Canada

    You will get to know the typical high school spirit in the USA and Canada! Experience a new feeling of unity at school events like football games or ice hockey matches. The relationship between students and teachers is typically very open and friendly. Besides the regular classes, we suggest you to also take part in extracurricular activities at school. High schools have a wide variety of sports as well as many creative activities. In Canada, you could also improve your French and go to a French school. There is something for everybody and one thing is for sure: you will never get bored!


    New Zealand – Australia

    You will experience an extraordinary school system on the other side of the world. The classes are very hands-on and the outdoor course options make school very special! Try out surfing, scuba diving, sailing or snowboarding as a class. Experience what it's like to wear a uniform to school everyday. Many schools also offer excursions and trips over the weekend or holidays.


    England – Ireland – Spain – France – Italy – Scandinavia

    The school systems in these countries are very different. In England, you will have different classes so that every student has an individual schedule, unlike in Germany. The Irish school system is characterized by the transition year, which is a voluntary year to gain job experience and do hands-on projects. In both countries you are going to wear a school uniform. In Spain, the classes can be less interactive, but school finishes around 2 p.m. so you’ll have plenty of time for free-time activities. In France, you will study at Lycée with all-day intensive classes, but you will have long lunch breaks and Wednesdays are only half-days! The Liceo classes in Italy are quite comparable to German high school. You can spend your afternoons with your new friends. In Scandinavia, you'll be able to choose from a variety of classes. Try out a new class like psychology or economics!


    South Africa – Argentina - Costa Rica

    British influence strongly shaped the South African school system. The classes are held in English and you will also have to wear a school uniform. In Argentina and Costa Rica, the classes will be in Spanish. Both countries have a schedule with required and elective courses. While you can pick the school, you want to attend in Costa Rica, in Argentina you will go to a private school. Because there aren’t too many international students in these countries, you will get to know the language, the country, and the culture very quickly and in-depth!


    Whatever you learn during your stay will be a tremendous benefit for you! No matter what country and the amount of time you decide to stay, you will most definitely gain valuable experiences that will shape the rest of your life. We collected a few tips for you so that you can enjoy your time abroad and the time afterwards as much as possible!

    Be curious and open!

    Push yourself to try new things! Try out a new sport that you didn't know about before or try typical dishes that you have never tasted before! Try to speak as much English, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Catalan or Afrikaans as possible in your daily life – at the bakery, while riding the bus or at school. And most importantly: have courage and just ask people if you don’t understand something or don’t know what it is! This is how you effortlessly gain the most experience and improve your language skills as well.

    Take your time!

    Not everything will be perfect in the beginning. We usually need some time to get to know our new surroundings. Every school and host family, no matter if it is in Canada, South Africa or New Zealand, is unique and most likely different from your family at home in Germany. This is something you have to get used to, so be patient with yourself and your new home! Don’t give up too quickly and think of difficulties and setbacks during your stay as challenges for yourself. Tolerance, openness and the ability to reflect on yourself are important traits that will help you to adapt to your new surroundings.

    Leave your mark!

    Your stay abroad really is an exchange between you and your new surroundings. Are you excited about your host country and discovering the new way of life and traditions of your host family? This is exactly how the people that you will meet feel like! They will be curious about you and your home country. This is your chance to act as an ambassador for your country and to make an impression. Be aware of this task and try to share as much as possible of your own culture!

    Become independent!

    Maybe you’ve already participated in a language or summer camp abroad and already know what it’s like to be without your family and friends for a while in an unknown environment. To participate in a high school program it takes even more courage, because all the sudden you are not only far away from home and your comfort zone for only a couple of weeks, but for a longer period of time. But at the end of your stay you will see that courage and patience will pay off and you will have a different view on many things. You will be more independent and more self-confident when you return home.

    Stay in contact!

    Leaving your new family after your stay will be just as hard as leaving your friends and family behind in Germany. Don’t forget to exchange e-mail addresses, phone numbers and pictures with your new friends to stay in touch with them! Who knows, maybe your “second family” will visit you next year in Germany!

    Tell us your opinion!

    We at CAMPS International want to constantly improve our programs according to your wishes and expectations. Are you thrilled about your high school stay? Then become one of our ambassadors! Send us a summary about your stay or give us your contact details so that future students can get in touch with you to hear about your time abroad. It is also possible for you to help us out with our workshops and school fairs. You didn't have the experience that you wished for? We will gladly receive your suggestions and ideas of improvements! You can contact us at info@camps.de or at +49 (0)40/822 90 27-0.