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Discounts and other financing options


If you plan to spend some time abroad as an exchange student, you may be entitled to financial support under the BAFöG (Federal Education Promotion Act). The maximum support is € 465 per month, with an additional travel allowance of € 500 for an exchange in Europe and € 1,000 for an exchange outside of Europe. You should apply for BAFöG about 6 months before your departure.


BaFöG by destination country:



Some school authorities offer funding opportunities for students in the respective federal state.

Students from Hamburg, for example, could receive funding from the Hamburg School and Vocational Training Authority (Hamburger Behörde für Schule und Berufsbildung). Find out more here!

Sibling Discount

If you have an older sister or brother who has already been abroad with us, you can receive a sibling discount of € 250. This also applies to twins who start their foreign adventure with us at the same time.


Friends and Acquaintances Discount

If a friend of yours has gone abroad with us and recommended CAMPS to you, you can receive a discount of € 250 and your friend will receive € 50 from us.