Welcome to America!

Experience "The real American life" and make America your America!

Because of its size, this country offers a huge - almost unimaginable - variety of landscapes, climate zones and people – there is something for everyone!

So, off to the country of opportunity!

USA Classic - the classic HIGH SCHOOL USA Program.

This program has been the starting point of all guest education programs and student exchange programs since the first two exchange students were welcomed to the United States in 1948.

The California Guarantee and Florida Guarantee programs guarantee that you will participate in our USA Classic Program in either California or Florida.

If you want to decide for yourself in which region you will live in the USA, then the USA Select- the HIGH SCHOOL USA Select program - is the right one for you.

If you have big school ambitions, then you will find your school in USA Private- the HIGH SCHOOL USA Select Program for private schools. Of course, always with our first-rate advice!



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